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You’ll love this home

My Mom wrote this on a little post it note and I thought it was the cutest things. I scanned it into my computer and played around with the coloring a bit and turned it into a simple print that might be considered actual art.  Should I print and frame it for her to hang in her entrance way?  What do you think?  Cute, right? 


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So finally, I am getting around to posting the photos of my 2-year-old (almost 3) niece, Rachel’s, bedroom.  Originally I was not happy with the photos I took, so I went back recently and – the room but was then still not happy with the photos.  Gosh, its definitely a challenge trying to photograph a space especially when I have no experience doing so.  Hence, the “take a photography course” on the goal list.  Anyhow, the photos ended up turning out just OK, I guess good enough to finally share them with you.

So onto the story of the room.  I was given the same budget as Sarah’s room of $1,000 and quickly worked away at finding the perfect fabric that we can use as the inspiration for the entire room.  Unlike Sarah’s, I did not want to go with soft and pretty, I preferred a little bit more punches of color and fun things for this energetic and happy little girl.  And after ordering many many MANY swatches of fabrics online I finally found the exact one!  Take a look at the drapes, the whole room was designed around this particular print.   After this, the room came together very easily and in a very short period of time.  You can see listed below are all the great finds I bought from Etsy (my go to shopping site) and do want to share with you that Apartment Therapy’s kids site, Ohdeedoh, played a huge part in the design inspiration.   I would love to hear your comments so please don’t be shy!

There you have it.  Many of the beautiful items seen in the room were purchased from Etsy… of course!

Pink Monster Pillow from Cranky Pants Knits

Keep Calm and Carry on Postcard from Lilly and Coco

Little Dreamer print from Trafalgar Square

Just Like Me little girl from Little Bit Funky

Owl Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Winter Peach

Perfect Pear Pillow from My Dear Darling

7 Piece Pom Pom set from Orange Kisses

Black Paper Cutout Letter from Papercutdiecut

I also have to mention that many of the items were hand-made by myself :  the doll bedding, peg family, fabric flower garland, trinket shelf, porcelain red and white mushrooms, LOVE bean bags, throw & floor pillows,  bird house, wall photo blocks, and hair clip frame.

Update – since first creating this post I have enrolled myself into a photography class which I’m still in the midst of.  So much to learn and loving every minute of it!  And happy to be out of auto and into manual mode now.  2 fist pumps for me!  So I make this serious promise to you all that from this point on my photos will be nothing less than perfect (hopefully).


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I am giving you a little sneak peek at some paintings I did a couple of years ago.  They have been hanging around my house being moved from room to room and decided that I should list them on Etsy.  I love this style of painting, its refreshing to just work outside of the lines and add layer upon layer until you get that certain feel of being just right.  So I would like to share you and once I sell these ones then that will make room for more of these to create.  Oh, and if I am listing them on Etsy does this count as 1 of the 3 new products I wanted to create for Etsy from my Goal List before the end of the year?  Hmmm, or is that being lazy?

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Back about 8 years ago I stumbled upon a design book titled White Hot and from the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it.  It would be my very first purchase of a considerably expensive (in my opinion) hard cover book of interior design.  My first coffee table book as some might call it.  At the time I was still trying to figure out my own sense of design style and having jumped from country to french country to shabby chic and then eventually to full on ultra modern, I felt like White Hot landed in my lap at just the right time and brought me into this whole new world of bold color and old European Modern.  I loved the old architecture, the white walls, the bold splashes of oversized prints and shockingly rich bold colors.  It changed me forever.  I have read through the book and drooled over the eye-popping arrangements so many times now that most of the pages are either torn,  sticky noted, finger printed and full of folded corners.  I even had to buy my sister her own copy of the book so I could have mine back!  I have now collected quite a few design books but this one still remains my favorite of the bunch.  So here’s my big thank you to Tricia Guild and the Designer Guild family for bringing us these beautiful inspiring spaces!     

Founded in 1970, Tricia Guild got started with her design empire which now includes wall coverings, furniture, fabric, bed & bath and the must see kids collection. 

See more and shop the Designer Guild collection online http://www.designersguild.com/usa-shop-online/shop-home/

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I’m excited to bring to you one of my favorite graphic designers/artists/bloggers/business woman/etc etc.  Made by girl has been featured in SLN loves previously with her “I love you, blogs & tea” print and I am happy to share with you one of her new designs.  The message is so simple, cheerful and well put it definitely puts a smile on my face.  I have yet to order one of the Made by girl Designs for my home, but its near the top of my “to buy soon” list. 

Have a look at this great new print.  I believe every house should not be without one of these hanging on the wall.  Perfect for the nursery, kids room, kitchen, hallway… actually any room would work!

Find out more about Made by girl and perhaps find yourself inspired!


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YAY!  It’s finally done!  After a few months (seems longer!) of rainy dreary weather I was finally able to finish the backyard patio.  I actually finished it a few weeks ago but just got around to photographing it.  When dreaming up the design, I wanted to make sure that it had a bright and cheerful mood, with lots of greenery and pops of color.  Of course it had to be child friendly, be easy for entertaining and wanted to make sure this rather small space was maximized to its full potential.  I am pretty happy with the results and loved that the entire makeover came in under $500.  So have a peek and let me know what you think. 

Now we can sit back and relax and the enjoy the sun.  The kids are loving it and it’s where we now spend most of our days.  See below for the breakdown of my costs. 

 Click here for more before pictures. 

And here’s the breakdown of what we spent:

  1. soil – $25
  2. shrubs – $60 (We bought the 3 white planter boxes a few years ago at the Vancouver Caban closing out sale for a REALLY good deal)
  3. herb garden – $24 (I already had the green planter.  We decided on rosemary, basil, chives, thyme and italian parsley… yum!)
  4. power washer rental – $45 (it definitely needed a good scrub down first)
  5. 3 piece bistro set – $169
  6. fabric & notions – $10 (I used a lot of scrap fabric that I had from previous projects)
  7. pillow inserts – $36 (6 @ $6 each at Ikea)
  8. green garden side table – $39 (at Homesense)
  9. lounger cushion – free! (had this stuffed away in my closet)
  10. bistro cushions – $6 ($3 each at Jysk)
  11. woven table runners – $12 (from Jysk)

grand total: $427.  Not too bad.  See more after photos here

I was hoping to purchase an outdoor area carpet and some artwork for the blue wall but have yet to stumble upon something that’s just right.  So for now, this is as complete as it will get, but still a million times better.  And now onto my next room redo… quick and easy Laundry room makeover here we come!   

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Well, here it is!  My little 1 hour turned 2 day project.  But well worth the wait.  Heres the before again:


So much cuter now!  See more before pictures here.

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