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As if I haven’t enough to do (its seriously a sickness that I have!) but I kept dreaming of opening a new Etsy shop selling vintage items.  In my journeys out and about I always come across some very interesting and beautiful old items and would wish how could these items somehow become a part of my life?  I find it fascinating that some particular items have such history, a story that needs to be told if only it could talk.  But in no way did I want to start cluttering my home with these precious items but still felt a need to snag them and do something interesting with them.  So that’s what sparked the idea of a new Etsy store for my vintage finds.  Lots of other people are doing it… so why can’t I?   So ladies… here’s what my new shop announcement says: 

“Welcome to my brand new shop. Here you will find all the little collectables I encounter on my journey’s… you know, the things that are too good to pass up, the things that bring me a small happiness! ” 

So I welcome you to pop into the new vintage shop at Etsy:  A Small Happiness.   Have a peek around, of course more items will be added over time.   Perhaps some of these items will find their way into your homes (he he) and you will give them a new chance at life, a fresh opportunity for a new story to be told. 


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