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You’ll love this home

My Mom wrote this on a little post it note and I thought it was the cutest things. I scanned it into my computer and played around with the coloring a bit and turned it into a simple print that might be considered actual art.  Should I print and frame it for her to hang in her entrance way?  What do you think?  Cute, right? 


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I am giving you a little sneak peek at some paintings I did a couple of years ago.  They have been hanging around my house being moved from room to room and decided that I should list them on Etsy.  I love this style of painting, its refreshing to just work outside of the lines and add layer upon layer until you get that certain feel of being just right.  So I would like to share you and once I sell these ones then that will make room for more of these to create.  Oh, and if I am listing them on Etsy does this count as 1 of the 3 new products I wanted to create for Etsy from my Goal List before the end of the year?  Hmmm, or is that being lazy?

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I’m excited to bring to you one of my favorite graphic designers/artists/bloggers/business woman/etc etc.  Made by girl has been featured in SLN loves previously with her “I love you, blogs & tea” print and I am happy to share with you one of her new designs.  The message is so simple, cheerful and well put it definitely puts a smile on my face.  I have yet to order one of the Made by girl Designs for my home, but its near the top of my “to buy soon” list. 

Have a look at this great new print.  I believe every house should not be without one of these hanging on the wall.  Perfect for the nursery, kids room, kitchen, hallway… actually any room would work!

Find out more about Made by girl and perhaps find yourself inspired!


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I stumbled upon this famous quote by Henry David Thoreau, a famous writer, naturalist, poet and much much more.  Not to often do I find myself  stopped in my tracks to ponder a statement or words to live by but with this one I did.  I almost felt like it was written just for me.  So much so that I took the quote and created my own graphic to frame and hang near my front door to view every time I come and go.

Find it HERE in a pdf form for a 8.5×11 print.  The graphic itself has been sized to fit into a 8×10 frame.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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