As if I haven’t enough to do (its seriously a sickness that I have!) but I kept dreaming of opening a new Etsy shop selling vintage items.  In my journeys out and about I always come across some very interesting and beautiful old items and would wish how could these items somehow become a part of my life?  I find it fascinating that some particular items have such history, a story that needs to be told if only it could talk.  But in no way did I want to start cluttering my home with these precious items but still felt a need to snag them and do something interesting with them.  So that’s what sparked the idea of a new Etsy store for my vintage finds.  Lots of other people are doing it… so why can’t I?   So ladies… here’s what my new shop announcement says: 

“Welcome to my brand new shop. Here you will find all the little collectables I encounter on my journey’s… you know, the things that are too good to pass up, the things that bring me a small happiness! ” 

So I welcome you to pop into the new vintage shop at Etsy:  A Small Happiness.   Have a peek around, of course more items will be added over time.   Perhaps some of these items will find their way into your homes (he he) and you will give them a new chance at life, a fresh opportunity for a new story to be told. 


So I had this Ikea Lack shelf sitting in my garage for the longest time and it didn’t even occur to me that perhaps I could use it in my house for some extra storage… especially all the kids books that were piling up all around the house (man those kids like their books!).   I previously used this Ikea shelf in my children’s store “babycheeks” but moved it out and into my garage about a year ago.  It’s really plain and SCREAMS Ikea so I pretty much steered clear of it until… I came across this photo:

and was stopped in my tracks!  Immediately I grabbed my hubby and asked him to haul that baby inside and got working away on it immediately.  And here’s what I came up with:

I know… not nearly as glamorous as my inspiration photo but not too bad considering its full of the kids books, coloring supplies and artwork, and its great that it’s all accessible to them and they can just help themselves.  What you can’t see is that right in front of this bookcase is the kids table and chairs set where Lily sits for hours and hours each day coloring, drawing or reading while singing to herself.  What I wouldn’t give to spend just a moment in her perfect little world!  Anyhow, here’s a quick before and after of our living room so you can get a better idea:

Soon I will working on a little overhaul to our living room so this bookshelf will probably change again.

Inspiration photo from MA Belle.  Pop in and check out the rest of her beautiful home. 

SLN Loves

Here are some of the things I’ve been lusting after for a while… come on paypal account… grow grow GROW!!

1.  Femme – Hammered Circle Necklace by Classic Designs $24.95

2.  Paris Art Print by Studio KMO $35

3.  Womens Fitted Slouch Shoulder Top from Lamixx $30

4.  M is for Magazine holder by Paperdoll Wood Shop $38

5.  Thistle… Fabric Push Pins from Paper Pumpkin $14.50

6.  Hugs & Kisses Vintage Wood Type  from Monki Vintage $46

7.  Rock Fetish in Citrine & Sterling by One Garnet Girl $148

8.  Peacock Modern Thank You Note by Do De Line $3.35

So finally, I am getting around to posting the photos of my 2-year-old (almost 3) niece, Rachel’s, bedroom.  Originally I was not happy with the photos I took, so I went back recently and – the room but was then still not happy with the photos.  Gosh, its definitely a challenge trying to photograph a space especially when I have no experience doing so.  Hence, the “take a photography course” on the goal list.  Anyhow, the photos ended up turning out just OK, I guess good enough to finally share them with you.

So onto the story of the room.  I was given the same budget as Sarah’s room of $1,000 and quickly worked away at finding the perfect fabric that we can use as the inspiration for the entire room.  Unlike Sarah’s, I did not want to go with soft and pretty, I preferred a little bit more punches of color and fun things for this energetic and happy little girl.  And after ordering many many MANY swatches of fabrics online I finally found the exact one!  Take a look at the drapes, the whole room was designed around this particular print.   After this, the room came together very easily and in a very short period of time.  You can see listed below are all the great finds I bought from Etsy (my go to shopping site) and do want to share with you that Apartment Therapy’s kids site, Ohdeedoh, played a huge part in the design inspiration.   I would love to hear your comments so please don’t be shy!

There you have it.  Many of the beautiful items seen in the room were purchased from Etsy… of course!

Pink Monster Pillow from Cranky Pants Knits

Keep Calm and Carry on Postcard from Lilly and Coco

Little Dreamer print from Trafalgar Square

Just Like Me little girl from Little Bit Funky

Owl Drawstring Bag Tutorial by Winter Peach

Perfect Pear Pillow from My Dear Darling

7 Piece Pom Pom set from Orange Kisses

Black Paper Cutout Letter from Papercutdiecut

I also have to mention that many of the items were hand-made by myself :  the doll bedding, peg family, fabric flower garland, trinket shelf, porcelain red and white mushrooms, LOVE bean bags, throw & floor pillows,  bird house, wall photo blocks, and hair clip frame.

Update – since first creating this post I have enrolled myself into a photography class which I’m still in the midst of.  So much to learn and loving every minute of it!  And happy to be out of auto and into manual mode now.  2 fist pumps for me!  So I make this serious promise to you all that from this point on my photos will be nothing less than perfect (hopefully).


Can we say it was a little bit stage fright mixed with a little bit bloggers block?  I will be back on the wagon in the early new year with some exciting new things to share with you.  Until then… happy holidays!

Happy 5th Birthday my sweets.  Love you so much!  Mama. 

Feels like only yesterday that I held you minutes after you were born.  It still brings tears to my eyes to think of how amazing that day was and those precious moments are forever with me. 

SLN Loves

 This is getting harder and harder to choose items every month.  So many nice things!!  Enjoy!

1.  Custom hand carved Rubber Stamp from Lilimandrill, $50

2.  Custom Family Tree from Cozyblue, $30

3.  Avocado Half Original Painting 5×7 from Heather Future, $35

4.  Paris Windows Wall Decals from Art Conductor,

5.  Vintage Channel Letter from Edie’s Lab, $15

6.  Hand Knit Shawl from Filo Fashion, $75

7.  Vintage Globe from Ethan Olie, $35

8.  Home Pillow from Honey Pie Design, $34