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I have moved…

For all those folks who are looking for me, I have moved over to a new blog.  Pop by anytime… Notes from the Orchard.

There are plans to merge the  blogs together… its on my long long to do list!!  But until then, we’ll see you around the Orchard!


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SLN Loves

Here are some of the things I’ve been lusting after for a while… come on paypal account… grow grow GROW!!

1.  Femme – Hammered Circle Necklace by Classic Designs $24.95

2.  Paris Art Print by Studio KMO $35

3.  Womens Fitted Slouch Shoulder Top from Lamixx $30

4.  M is for Magazine holder by Paperdoll Wood Shop $38

5.  Thistle… Fabric Push Pins from Paper Pumpkin $14.50

6.  Hugs & Kisses Vintage Wood Type  from Monki Vintage $46

7.  Rock Fetish in Citrine & Sterling by One Garnet Girl $148

8.  Peacock Modern Thank You Note by Do De Line $3.35

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Sorry for the interuption

Can we say it was a little bit stage fright mixed with a little bit bloggers block?  I will be back on the wagon in the early new year with some exciting new things to share with you.  Until then… happy holidays!

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Earlier in the week Lily kept telling me that her favourite doll, Baby Alive, was having a birthday really soon.  She kept talking about it and telling me of all the special birthday party plans for 2 days straight; it was going to be at the water park, we needed presents and of course a birthday cake.  I had assumed she would forget about it and move on, since Lily talks about birthday parties and birthday cakes almost everyday, apparently these are 2 of her favourite things!  But she was still speaking of it and who am I to deny her of this simple wish.  With her growing excitement, I had planned for all of us to pop into the dollar store on our way home from the trip to the library.  So the little mommy that she is, I let her pick out 2 little gifts for her doll and off we went home to wrap them and make Baby Alive a special card.  

That afternoon her Auntie Nikki happen to be coming over for a visit so she brought carrot cake along with Lily’s cousins.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the water park but had a lovely party in the backyard.  I think Lily was a pleased little Mommy, and from the photos looks like Baby Alive enjoyed herself too. 

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little secret

Second post!  So I am in the middle of re-shooting all my Etsy product photos with my SLR camera (what a difference from my little point and shoot) and have found myself very interested in photography.  Especially when I would see all those great photos on Etsy’s front page and I was so jealous!  They were all so good, how could I achieve that same level of clarity?  So off I went to the internet and conducted quite a thorough search on  camera settings, lighting, subjects etc etc and decided that the current photos in my Etsy shop could seriously need some revamping.   See for yourself:

I was up for the challenge since I only have about 70 products currently listed which is not too bad compared to a lot of other shops.  And since I found out the secret to most great photos was “best natural light” I discovered it was right in my own backyard so to say… in babycheeks store window!  The windows are huge and we get lots of afternoon indirect sun.  So here’s a before and after of the same flower hair clip with some behind the scenes look.

Note the paper clip I used to keep my pine cone from leaning over.

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First post

So, I love the blog world and thought I would give it a try.  I am not exceptionally articulate and don’t have a degree in journalism but I do like to share my artistic thoughts, ideas, inspirations, notes, projects, likes etc etc with anyone who will listen.

I’ve started this blog because I come across so many other fantastic and informative blogs that read so well, almost like a great novel, that it sparked my interest to give it a try.  I have always been a creative person, but had no outlet to share it with anyone outside of my immediate family, and believe me I probably drive my husband nuts with all my little projects spread out all over our little house!  So, this will now give me the opportunity to share all this with whomever stops by.  And I am so excited to get rolling.

So this is my first post, hopefully there will be many more to come, and hopefully more interesting than this one has been.

And as I post, I will offer little bits of information to you of my life and my work, I just don’t want to bore you with my life story all in one post.  But I have many fun things to share so hope you enjoy!

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