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My goodness… Lily is a patient little one.  She has waited for 2 years to have her mamma sew her a new blanky and I finally surprised her with one 2 weeks ago!  And let me tell you, she has not put it down since the moment she laid eyes on it. 

You see, she is always watching me and often helping me sew blankets and rag quilts for lots of other people, envious she pleads for me to make one for herself.  Soon, soon I would always tell her.  So patient, so sweet, never complaining and always understanding.  So when she came home after a weekend away at her Grandparents house I surprised her with a beautiful bright pink one… finally!  She beamed.  Apparently it was worth the wait.    

That same weekend I surprised the kids with a room makeover which you will soon see all the exciting details in the weeks to come.  I promise! 

Quick tutorial: The quilt was very simple to make, even with basic sewing skills.  From all my scrap fabrics I cut 30 – 9×9″ squares.  Placed the squares into 6 rows of 5, sewed them all together with a half-inch seam.  Placing the wrong sides together I cut a white piece of  plush minky the same size, pinned and then turned the blanket right side out and finished off the edges with a zig zag seam.   Easy shmeezy.  All together it took about 2 hours.  Oh and I forgot to mention that all the fabrics were prewashed.     


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Doll Tutu Tutorial

This tutorial is a quick, easy and inexpensive project that you’ll love.  This tutu is made for dolls between 10″ and 18″, but can be easily adjusted to make either larger or smaller.


1/4″ Elastic, scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine, 1 metre (or yard) of tulle

Cut a 9″ length of elastic for dolls 9-12″ tall or cut a length 11″ for dolls 18″ +.  Then either hand sew or machine sew the 2 ends together to create a circle.  Just make sure its well secured.

Next, cut your tulle into 3″ wide strips.  Then cut those strips into 4 – 10″ (approximately) pieces.  You don’t have to be exact, just eyeball it the best you can. 

Next, take your 10″ strip and fold in half.  Put the folded end through the elastic circle and then pull the 2 cut ends over the elastic and through the folded tulle loop.  

Pull the ends to tighten it gently.  At first you might have to play with it a bit to figure out the tension but after the first few you kind of get the feel of it.

Continue to work your way around the elastic, sliding the pieces snuggly together as you go so you don’t see any white of the elastic.  If you have a few pieces of tulle left over I suggest you try to squeeze them in as when you stretch the tutu out you will be able to see the elastic peaking through and we don’t want this.  So better to have too many than too little. 

Voila!  All done.  Now try making them in all different colors and embellish as you wish.  Have fun! 

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