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Here’s a quick little post for you about a great find:  If you haven’t already heard of the Made by Joel blog then you must head over there right now… well maybe after you read this post.  This uber-creative man comes up with the most incredible and simple ideas for entertaining your children.  Amazing!  I have made a bunch of his items before but this one in particular was super super easy and the kids love it.  So I thought I would share it with you. 

All you need is an empty cereal box, tape, a few marbles and a free 10 minutes.  Enjoy!   Read the full post here



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So I had this Ikea Lack shelf sitting in my garage for the longest time and it didn’t even occur to me that perhaps I could use it in my house for some extra storage… especially all the kids books that were piling up all around the house (man those kids like their books!).   I previously used this Ikea shelf in my children’s store “babycheeks” but moved it out and into my garage about a year ago.  It’s really plain and SCREAMS Ikea so I pretty much steered clear of it until… I came across this photo:

and was stopped in my tracks!  Immediately I grabbed my hubby and asked him to haul that baby inside and got working away on it immediately.  And here’s what I came up with:

I know… not nearly as glamorous as my inspiration photo but not too bad considering its full of the kids books, coloring supplies and artwork, and its great that it’s all accessible to them and they can just help themselves.  What you can’t see is that right in front of this bookcase is the kids table and chairs set where Lily sits for hours and hours each day coloring, drawing or reading while singing to herself.  What I wouldn’t give to spend just a moment in her perfect little world!  Anyhow, here’s a quick before and after of our living room so you can get a better idea:

Soon I will working on a little overhaul to our living room so this bookshelf will probably change again.

Inspiration photo from MA Belle.  Pop in and check out the rest of her beautiful home. 

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Happy 5th Birthday my sweets.  Love you so much!  Mama. 

Feels like only yesterday that I held you minutes after you were born.  It still brings tears to my eyes to think of how amazing that day was and those precious moments are forever with me. 

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Earlier in the week Lily kept telling me that her favourite doll, Baby Alive, was having a birthday really soon.  She kept talking about it and telling me of all the special birthday party plans for 2 days straight; it was going to be at the water park, we needed presents and of course a birthday cake.  I had assumed she would forget about it and move on, since Lily talks about birthday parties and birthday cakes almost everyday, apparently these are 2 of her favourite things!  But she was still speaking of it and who am I to deny her of this simple wish.  With her growing excitement, I had planned for all of us to pop into the dollar store on our way home from the trip to the library.  So the little mommy that she is, I let her pick out 2 little gifts for her doll and off we went home to wrap them and make Baby Alive a special card.  

That afternoon her Auntie Nikki happen to be coming over for a visit so she brought carrot cake along with Lily’s cousins.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the water park but had a lovely party in the backyard.  I think Lily was a pleased little Mommy, and from the photos looks like Baby Alive enjoyed herself too. 

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Jungle Boy

Our little Ethan, aka Jungle Boy, certainly knows how to live life to its fullest:

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Lily often asks to borrow my little digital Canon camera and I am usually happy to oblige since I love seeing her creations and am always willing to promote any kind of artistic project.  And I swear she has some natural ability and an eye for photography.  She’s only 4 and has been taking photos for a little over a year now.  She creates the most interesting photos, surprisingly even ones with great composition.  Here’s a raw/unedited story board she recently took of a Homer Simpson inflatable:

Perhaps she’s ready for a 365 Project? That might be interesting.

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My dearest Lily will shortly be turning 5 (holey cow!) and has shown the cutest interest in helping me with household chores.  I honestly think she would get a kick out of having her own responsibilities and would definitely take a lot of pride in it.  She so wants to be a little mommy!  So that got me thinking that she might be ready for some assigned chores of her own to do on a daily basis.  Obviously nothing too strenuous for her little body, but enough for her to have fun and learn what responsibility is about.  I sat down one night and created this cute little chore chart just for her.  I tried to keep it sweet, simple and easy for her to use and be something that would be pleasing to her big inquisitive eyes.   And of course, I thought I should share it with my readers.

There are 2 versions, the one I made for Lily and a second that can be for multiple children or be more of a gender neutral.  Oh and it is personalized, but I would still love to share it with you.  So please just drop me an email with your child’s name, the list of chores you would like on it and any color changes you desire.  I will email you back with your FREE customized little bean chore chart for you to print!   Email septemberlily@shaw.ca

Instructions:  tape on fridge, wall or kitchen cupboard and use colorful pencil crayons to scribble in each flower or happy face when the chores get done!  Easy shmeezy! 

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