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SLN Loves

Here are some of the things I’ve been lusting after for a while… come on paypal account… grow grow GROW!!

1.  Femme – Hammered Circle Necklace by Classic Designs $24.95

2.  Paris Art Print by Studio KMO $35

3.  Womens Fitted Slouch Shoulder Top from Lamixx $30

4.  M is for Magazine holder by Paperdoll Wood Shop $38

5.  Thistle… Fabric Push Pins from Paper Pumpkin $14.50

6.  Hugs & Kisses Vintage Wood Type  from Monki Vintage $46

7.  Rock Fetish in Citrine & Sterling by One Garnet Girl $148

8.  Peacock Modern Thank You Note by Do De Line $3.35


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SLN Loves

 This is getting harder and harder to choose items every month.  So many nice things!!  Enjoy!

1.  Custom hand carved Rubber Stamp from Lilimandrill, $50

2.  Custom Family Tree from Cozyblue, $30

3.  Avocado Half Original Painting 5×7 from Heather Future, $35

4.  Paris Windows Wall Decals from Art Conductor,

5.  Vintage Channel Letter from Edie’s Lab, $15

6.  Hand Knit Shawl from Filo Fashion, $75

7.  Vintage Globe from Ethan Olie, $35

8.  Home Pillow from Honey Pie Design, $34

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SLN loves

Sometimes I wish I had an endless supply of PayPal funds to support my Etsy shopping habit!  Here’s a few more of my favorite finds for you to enjoy.

1. Sweet Meadow Ring from Sora Designs, $24

2.  2010 TakeAlong Calendar from Up Up Creative, $12.75

3.  Vintage Doll Marionette Puppet from DomestiKate, $24

4.  Stockholm Pleated French Messenger Bag from Ikabags, $39

5.  Stacked Ruffles Pillow Cover from Iviemade, $38

6.  Fitted Femme V Neck Jersey Cotton Tee from Lamixx, $24

7.  Porcelain Pomegranate Vase from New Moon Studio, $38

8.  Linen Pincushion from Namolio, $11.50

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SLN loves

Sooo many great finds on Etsy, I am excited to bring to you some of my favorites.  And I will continue to do this from time to time.  Enjoy!

1.  Spot from Bunny with a Toolbelt, $45

2.  Old school nature tree blocks from Monkeys on the Roof

3.  Lavender Hand Dyed Shawl with fringes from Nits Creations, $30

4.  Knit Apple Jacket from Handamade, $16

5.  I love you blogs & tea Print from Made by Girl, $9.50

6.  Wallpaper Quilt Kit from Kelly McCaleb, $77

7.  Rainbow Factory Duo from Pearson Maron, $41

8.  Thin Curved 2 Finger Ring from Colleen Baran, $49

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