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I have to let you in on this little secret and my latest obsession…  Pinterest.  It’s amazing and I could easily spend hours on they’re looking at all the beautiful and inspiring photos, perhaps this is why I don’t get around to doing more blog posts.  haha.

Pinterest is the place to go for everything inspiring: food, photography, interior design, kids crafts, fashion etc etc.  It’s basically a bulletin board where you can pin photos of all your favorite things, and you can also follow other people’s boards to see what they are liking.  It’s a lot of fun… if you are looking to kill some time.   Definitely check it out… www.pinterest.com.  And feel free to follow my pins here.  Here’s a few pics from the site…  Happy Pinning!


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Here’s a quick little post for you about a great find:  If you haven’t already heard of the Made by Joel blog then you must head over there right now… well maybe after you read this post.  This uber-creative man comes up with the most incredible and simple ideas for entertaining your children.  Amazing!  I have made a bunch of his items before but this one in particular was super super easy and the kids love it.  So I thought I would share it with you. 

All you need is an empty cereal box, tape, a few marbles and a free 10 minutes.  Enjoy!   Read the full post here


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As if I haven’t enough to do (its seriously a sickness that I have!) but I kept dreaming of opening a new Etsy shop selling vintage items.  In my journeys out and about I always come across some very interesting and beautiful old items and would wish how could these items somehow become a part of my life?  I find it fascinating that some particular items have such history, a story that needs to be told if only it could talk.  But in no way did I want to start cluttering my home with these precious items but still felt a need to snag them and do something interesting with them.  So that’s what sparked the idea of a new Etsy store for my vintage finds.  Lots of other people are doing it… so why can’t I?   So ladies… here’s what my new shop announcement says: 

“Welcome to my brand new shop. Here you will find all the little collectables I encounter on my journey’s… you know, the things that are too good to pass up, the things that bring me a small happiness! ” 

So I welcome you to pop into the new vintage shop at Etsy:  A Small Happiness.   Have a peek around, of course more items will be added over time.   Perhaps some of these items will find their way into your homes (he he) and you will give them a new chance at life, a fresh opportunity for a new story to be told. 

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Back about 8 years ago I stumbled upon a design book titled White Hot and from the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it.  It would be my very first purchase of a considerably expensive (in my opinion) hard cover book of interior design.  My first coffee table book as some might call it.  At the time I was still trying to figure out my own sense of design style and having jumped from country to french country to shabby chic and then eventually to full on ultra modern, I felt like White Hot landed in my lap at just the right time and brought me into this whole new world of bold color and old European Modern.  I loved the old architecture, the white walls, the bold splashes of oversized prints and shockingly rich bold colors.  It changed me forever.  I have read through the book and drooled over the eye-popping arrangements so many times now that most of the pages are either torn,  sticky noted, finger printed and full of folded corners.  I even had to buy my sister her own copy of the book so I could have mine back!  I have now collected quite a few design books but this one still remains my favorite of the bunch.  So here’s my big thank you to Tricia Guild and the Designer Guild family for bringing us these beautiful inspiring spaces!     

Founded in 1970, Tricia Guild got started with her design empire which now includes wall coverings, furniture, fabric, bed & bath and the must see kids collection. 

See more and shop the Designer Guild collection online http://www.designersguild.com/usa-shop-online/shop-home/

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I’m excited to bring to you one of my favorite graphic designers/artists/bloggers/business woman/etc etc.  Made by girl has been featured in SLN loves previously with her “I love you, blogs & tea” print and I am happy to share with you one of her new designs.  The message is so simple, cheerful and well put it definitely puts a smile on my face.  I have yet to order one of the Made by girl Designs for my home, but its near the top of my “to buy soon” list. 

Have a look at this great new print.  I believe every house should not be without one of these hanging on the wall.  Perfect for the nursery, kids room, kitchen, hallway… actually any room would work!

Find out more about Made by girl and perhaps find yourself inspired!


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Well, here it is!  My little 1 hour turned 2 day project.  But well worth the wait.  Heres the before again:


So much cuter now!  See more before pictures here.

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Last weekend my Mom, Lily and I went for a girls morning out to our local flea market on the search for some good finds.  I stumbled upon this little stool that would be perfect for the kids room re-do.  It needs a complete overhaul but it was in great shape and liked that the top actually opens up and thought it would be a perfect place for the kids to store those little hidden treasures.  And not to mention, I could probably have it looking brand new in under 2 hours.  Gotta love those easy projects.  So I picked it up for the full asking price of $5 and off I went.  Here’s the before pics.

And today I started ripping it apart and probably would have gotten it all done while my little jungle boy (Ethan) was napping but first ran out of staples and then my white spray paint can got clogged.  So that was it for today.  Off I go to the Home Depot tomorrow for more supplies!  I will keep you posted!

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