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I am super excited to be offering a new product to all my hair clip fans.  I have partnered up with my FAVORITE kids clothing company, Peekaboo Beans, and created a perfectly matching flower hair clip for their Summer 2011 collection.   These are available now in my Etsy shop here.   There are only a few listed in the shop so just convo me if you are needing more or one of a certain color.  

Did I mention that Peekaboo Beans is not only my favorite… but it’s Lily’s too.  And that says a lot from a little person who is very picky about her clothing.  Its modern comfortable playwear that is easy to mix and match.   Lily loves that she can easily put together an un-fussy and really cute outfit all by herself… and this makes her really proud… which makes me really proud!  She’s then all set to go for the day and without the frustration of buttons, snaps, belts, clasps and too-teeny-to-do-up zippers.  Now she can just concentrate comfortably on the job at hand… which is to play.  And did I mention that its Dad proof?  No more goofy looking outfits when Dad tries to help out!  This Vancouver clothing line is amazing and if you haven’t heard about it I suggest you check it out right away. 

I invite you to have a look at the hair clips!


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Brand new item in my Etsy shop!  So excited to bring to you this design that I have been dreaming of for a few months now.  It took some time to find the right jingle bells, the right size, the right color etc etc as well as finding a fun little charm to go with the bell.  And alas… after many hours of searching I have found just the right supplies and am happy to bring to you my new jingle bell charm necklaces. 

Lily was my inspiration for this design (of course!).  I had gotten tired of always seeing the same kind of silver jewelry for her in the marketplace, I wanted something a bit more modern, a bit more colorful, a bit more fun… just ike her. 

So have a peek at the shop and feel free provide your feedback.  What kind of little girl necklace’s would you like to see? 



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As if I haven’t enough to do (its seriously a sickness that I have!) but I kept dreaming of opening a new Etsy shop selling vintage items.  In my journeys out and about I always come across some very interesting and beautiful old items and would wish how could these items somehow become a part of my life?  I find it fascinating that some particular items have such history, a story that needs to be told if only it could talk.  But in no way did I want to start cluttering my home with these precious items but still felt a need to snag them and do something interesting with them.  So that’s what sparked the idea of a new Etsy store for my vintage finds.  Lots of other people are doing it… so why can’t I?   So ladies… here’s what my new shop announcement says: 

“Welcome to my brand new shop. Here you will find all the little collectables I encounter on my journey’s… you know, the things that are too good to pass up, the things that bring me a small happiness! ” 

So I welcome you to pop into the new vintage shop at Etsy:  A Small Happiness.   Have a peek around, of course more items will be added over time.   Perhaps some of these items will find their way into your homes (he he) and you will give them a new chance at life, a fresh opportunity for a new story to be told. 

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SLN Loves

Here are some of the things I’ve been lusting after for a while… come on paypal account… grow grow GROW!!

1.  Femme – Hammered Circle Necklace by Classic Designs $24.95

2.  Paris Art Print by Studio KMO $35

3.  Womens Fitted Slouch Shoulder Top from Lamixx $30

4.  M is for Magazine holder by Paperdoll Wood Shop $38

5.  Thistle… Fabric Push Pins from Paper Pumpkin $14.50

6.  Hugs & Kisses Vintage Wood Type  from Monki Vintage $46

7.  Rock Fetish in Citrine & Sterling by One Garnet Girl $148

8.  Peacock Modern Thank You Note by Do De Line $3.35

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I am giving you a little sneak peek at some paintings I did a couple of years ago.  They have been hanging around my house being moved from room to room and decided that I should list them on Etsy.  I love this style of painting, its refreshing to just work outside of the lines and add layer upon layer until you get that certain feel of being just right.  So I would like to share you and once I sell these ones then that will make room for more of these to create.  Oh, and if I am listing them on Etsy does this count as 1 of the 3 new products I wanted to create for Etsy from my Goal List before the end of the year?  Hmmm, or is that being lazy?

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Here’s a little shout out for September Lily from a fellow Etsians’ treasury list.  See it here at Etsy treasury.  A big thanks goes out to Dobleele for the feature! 

Check out Dobleele’s amazingly sweet jewelry collection in her shop at Etsy. 



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New Etsy Products

New products in store.  I absolutely love the look of the ever so popular right now organza flower and thought it would be sweet as a headband.  But since my daughter Lily has fine, soft and super slippery hair the elastic headband that you see around a lot nowadays doesn’t work for her as it just ends up riding up the back of her head.  So I decided to do a more traditional satin covered headband, just for her sake, and for all those other little girls who are in the same boat. 

And here’s my little Lily showing off her brand new headband… especially for her.   Find more of these headbands at my shop September Lily.

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