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SLN Loves

 This is getting harder and harder to choose items every month.  So many nice things!!  Enjoy!

1.  Custom hand carved Rubber Stamp from Lilimandrill, $50

2.  Custom Family Tree from Cozyblue, $30

3.  Avocado Half Original Painting 5×7 from Heather Future, $35

4.  Paris Windows Wall Decals from Art Conductor,

5.  Vintage Channel Letter from Edie’s Lab, $15

6.  Hand Knit Shawl from Filo Fashion, $75

7.  Vintage Globe from Ethan Olie, $35

8.  Home Pillow from Honey Pie Design, $34


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I am giving you a little sneak peek at some paintings I did a couple of years ago.  They have been hanging around my house being moved from room to room and decided that I should list them on Etsy.  I love this style of painting, its refreshing to just work outside of the lines and add layer upon layer until you get that certain feel of being just right.  So I would like to share you and once I sell these ones then that will make room for more of these to create.  Oh, and if I am listing them on Etsy does this count as 1 of the 3 new products I wanted to create for Etsy from my Goal List before the end of the year?  Hmmm, or is that being lazy?

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Earlier in the week Lily kept telling me that her favourite doll, Baby Alive, was having a birthday really soon.  She kept talking about it and telling me of all the special birthday party plans for 2 days straight; it was going to be at the water park, we needed presents and of course a birthday cake.  I had assumed she would forget about it and move on, since Lily talks about birthday parties and birthday cakes almost everyday, apparently these are 2 of her favourite things!  But she was still speaking of it and who am I to deny her of this simple wish.  With her growing excitement, I had planned for all of us to pop into the dollar store on our way home from the trip to the library.  So the little mommy that she is, I let her pick out 2 little gifts for her doll and off we went home to wrap them and make Baby Alive a special card.  

That afternoon her Auntie Nikki happen to be coming over for a visit so she brought carrot cake along with Lily’s cousins.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the water park but had a lovely party in the backyard.  I think Lily was a pleased little Mommy, and from the photos looks like Baby Alive enjoyed herself too. 

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The other day I took L  & E on our first trip to the library.  So happy that I accomplished one of my goals, and had lots of fun at the time.  But little did I know that it would be somewhat difficult from keeping Ethan screaming with excitement and stop him from climbing the racks!  Not sure how we didn’t get kicked out that day!  Once we got settled in however we had a lovely time cruising through all the books and deciding which ones to take home with us.  And Ethan of course thought he scored when he came across all the Thomas the Train DVD’s… had to bribe him with a promise of some gum in order to get out of there safely.  Looking forward to going back. 

  1. print and organize my family photos into albums
  2. sew my Nana a quilt (she’s sewn one for each of us in the family  so I better return the favor!)
  3. take a photography course and learn how to use my SLR camera to the best of its ability
  4. teach Lily how to sew
  5. read a classic novel (once I’m done the Twilight series of course)
  6. learn to meditate
  7. create custom picture books for the kids
  8. trace my family tree
  9. take a Vancouver city Double Decker bus tour with the kids
  10. make ravioli from scratch
  11. build the kids a cedar play sand table for backyard fun
  12. buy more lotto tickets (you never know!)
  13. take Lily to the library to get her first library card
  14. go to Paris (haha, maybe start first with facing my fear of flying!)
  15. create 3 new September Lily products

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Here’s a little shout out for September Lily from a fellow Etsians’ treasury list.  See it here at Etsy treasury.  A big thanks goes out to Dobleele for the feature! 

Check out Dobleele’s amazingly sweet jewelry collection in her shop at Etsy. 



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Back about 8 years ago I stumbled upon a design book titled White Hot and from the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it.  It would be my very first purchase of a considerably expensive (in my opinion) hard cover book of interior design.  My first coffee table book as some might call it.  At the time I was still trying to figure out my own sense of design style and having jumped from country to french country to shabby chic and then eventually to full on ultra modern, I felt like White Hot landed in my lap at just the right time and brought me into this whole new world of bold color and old European Modern.  I loved the old architecture, the white walls, the bold splashes of oversized prints and shockingly rich bold colors.  It changed me forever.  I have read through the book and drooled over the eye-popping arrangements so many times now that most of the pages are either torn,  sticky noted, finger printed and full of folded corners.  I even had to buy my sister her own copy of the book so I could have mine back!  I have now collected quite a few design books but this one still remains my favorite of the bunch.  So here’s my big thank you to Tricia Guild and the Designer Guild family for bringing us these beautiful inspiring spaces!     

Founded in 1970, Tricia Guild got started with her design empire which now includes wall coverings, furniture, fabric, bed & bath and the must see kids collection. 

See more and shop the Designer Guild collection online http://www.designersguild.com/usa-shop-online/shop-home/

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I’m excited to bring to you one of my favorite graphic designers/artists/bloggers/business woman/etc etc.  Made by girl has been featured in SLN loves previously with her “I love you, blogs & tea” print and I am happy to share with you one of her new designs.  The message is so simple, cheerful and well put it definitely puts a smile on my face.  I have yet to order one of the Made by girl Designs for my home, but its near the top of my “to buy soon” list. 

Have a look at this great new print.  I believe every house should not be without one of these hanging on the wall.  Perfect for the nursery, kids room, kitchen, hallway… actually any room would work!

Find out more about Made by girl and perhaps find yourself inspired!


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