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Just made a fresh batch of flower hair clips.  Nothing like a big cup of hot tea while working.  Find them here at my Etsy shop.


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Jungle Boy

Our little Ethan, aka Jungle Boy, certainly knows how to live life to its fullest:

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Last weekend my Mom, Lily and I went for a girls morning out to our local flea market on the search for some good finds.  I stumbled upon this little stool that would be perfect for the kids room re-do.  It needs a complete overhaul but it was in great shape and liked that the top actually opens up and thought it would be a perfect place for the kids to store those little hidden treasures.  And not to mention, I could probably have it looking brand new in under 2 hours.  Gotta love those easy projects.  So I picked it up for the full asking price of $5 and off I went.  Here’s the before pics.

And today I started ripping it apart and probably would have gotten it all done while my little jungle boy (Ethan) was napping but first ran out of staples and then my white spray paint can got clogged.  So that was it for today.  Off I go to the Home Depot tomorrow for more supplies!  I will keep you posted!

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Lily often asks to borrow my little digital Canon camera and I am usually happy to oblige since I love seeing her creations and am always willing to promote any kind of artistic project.  And I swear she has some natural ability and an eye for photography.  She’s only 4 and has been taking photos for a little over a year now.  She creates the most interesting photos, surprisingly even ones with great composition.  Here’s a raw/unedited story board she recently took of a Homer Simpson inflatable:

Perhaps she’s ready for a 365 Project? That might be interesting.

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I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and listed out some goals for myself.  I was intrigued by this idea of if you spend the time to write it out and see it on paper it becomes much more attainable.  Well… I guess we will see if that’s true.   I decided to start small, give myself a list of items that aren’t too difficult to achieve but that will certainly keep me motivated and hopefully a little less of a procrastinator.  I also decided to give myself a reasonable time frame to get these done… the end of 2010.  So wish me luck and I hope this inspires you to do the same!

I will most certainly keep you “posted” with my progress.  Can I share with you my list?  In no particular order:

  1. print and organize my family photos into albums
  2. sew my Nana a quilt (she’s sewn one for each of us in the family  so I better return the favor!)
  3. take a photography course and learn how to use my SLR camera to the best of its ability
  4. teach Lily how to sew
  5. read a classic novel (once I’m done the Twilight series of course)
  6. learn to meditate
  7. create custom picture books for the kids
  8. trace my family tree
  9. take a Vancouver city Double Decker bus tour with the kids
  10. make ravioli from scratch
  11. build the kids a cedar play sand table for backyard fun
  12. buy more lotto tickets (you never know!)
  13. take Lily to the library to get her first library card
  14. go to Paris (haha, maybe start first with facing my fear of flying!)
  15. create 3 new September Lily products

footnote:  this list can be modified, added to, updated etc etc anytime it suits me!

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My dearest Lily will shortly be turning 5 (holey cow!) and has shown the cutest interest in helping me with household chores.  I honestly think she would get a kick out of having her own responsibilities and would definitely take a lot of pride in it.  She so wants to be a little mommy!  So that got me thinking that she might be ready for some assigned chores of her own to do on a daily basis.  Obviously nothing too strenuous for her little body, but enough for her to have fun and learn what responsibility is about.  I sat down one night and created this cute little chore chart just for her.  I tried to keep it sweet, simple and easy for her to use and be something that would be pleasing to her big inquisitive eyes.   And of course, I thought I should share it with my readers.

There are 2 versions, the one I made for Lily and a second that can be for multiple children or be more of a gender neutral.  Oh and it is personalized, but I would still love to share it with you.  So please just drop me an email with your child’s name, the list of chores you would like on it and any color changes you desire.  I will email you back with your FREE customized little bean chore chart for you to print!   Email septemberlily@shaw.ca

Instructions:  tape on fridge, wall or kitchen cupboard and use colorful pencil crayons to scribble in each flower or happy face when the chores get done!  Easy shmeezy! 

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Finally getting back into regular routine now that we are home from our much-needed vacation to the Okanogan Wine Country.  Only a short 4 hours away from White Rock, this beautiful place is nothing but fun and sun every year. 

A group of us have been going for 8 years now… how the time flies!  Originally started out with all us childless newly married couples or singles and slowly over the years we have been taken over by all the little ones sprouting up.  No longer is the crazy 1 am wine drinking camp fires every night.  Now its more like 9 pm wine drinking sitting around the patio table night.  Which is fine with me, just so nice and relaxing. 

This year we had 8 adults and 7 children (under 7) in this beautiful lake side 7 bedroom house with pool which happens to be owned by my aunt and uncle.  We have a pre-booked week at the end of June every year and always look forward to this perfect kick off to summer.  Going to the Okanogan this time of year we can always be guaranteed some nice hot weather with loads of sunshine which is a great escape from our usually mild and rainy Vancouver June weather.   

Osoyoos is located right on the Washington State border and is to be considered the center of the Desert Wine Country.  Perched on one of the warmest lakes in Canada it is home to numerous award-winning wineries surrounded by many delicious orchards.  Now we just need to add a cheese farm to this mix and it would be perfect!

Here’s a photo from the house overlooking this gorgeous lake. 


After spending 6 glorious nights there we wrapped up the last evening with a fantastic crab and wine feast after all the children were in bed.  The food was top-notch, and paired nicely with our royal chinette and garbage bag table cloths.  The potatoes just thrown askew on the table for easy help yourself service accompanied by fresh mixed green salad, grilled asparagus and peppers.  Perfect way to end off our lovely week long vacation.   Until next year…

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