For all those folks who are looking for me, I have moved over to a new blog.  Pop by anytime… Notes from the Orchard.

There are plans to merge the  blogs together… its on my long long to do list!!  But until then, we’ll see you around the Orchard!


My Mom wrote this on a little post it note and I thought it was the cutest things. I scanned it into my computer and played around with the coloring a bit and turned it into a simple print that might be considered actual art.  Should I print and frame it for her to hang in her entrance way?  What do you think?  Cute, right? 

My goodness… Lily is a patient little one.  She has waited for 2 years to have her mamma sew her a new blanky and I finally surprised her with one 2 weeks ago!  And let me tell you, she has not put it down since the moment she laid eyes on it. 

You see, she is always watching me and often helping me sew blankets and rag quilts for lots of other people, envious she pleads for me to make one for herself.  Soon, soon I would always tell her.  So patient, so sweet, never complaining and always understanding.  So when she came home after a weekend away at her Grandparents house I surprised her with a beautiful bright pink one… finally!  She beamed.  Apparently it was worth the wait.    

That same weekend I surprised the kids with a room makeover which you will soon see all the exciting details in the weeks to come.  I promise! 

Quick tutorial: The quilt was very simple to make, even with basic sewing skills.  From all my scrap fabrics I cut 30 – 9×9″ squares.  Placed the squares into 6 rows of 5, sewed them all together with a half-inch seam.  Placing the wrong sides together I cut a white piece of  plush minky the same size, pinned and then turned the blanket right side out and finished off the edges with a zig zag seam.   Easy shmeezy.  All together it took about 2 hours.  Oh and I forgot to mention that all the fabrics were prewashed.     

I am super excited to be offering a new product to all my hair clip fans.  I have partnered up with my FAVORITE kids clothing company, Peekaboo Beans, and created a perfectly matching flower hair clip for their Summer 2011 collection.   These are available now in my Etsy shop here.   There are only a few listed in the shop so just convo me if you are needing more or one of a certain color.  

Did I mention that Peekaboo Beans is not only my favorite… but it’s Lily’s too.  And that says a lot from a little person who is very picky about her clothing.  Its modern comfortable playwear that is easy to mix and match.   Lily loves that she can easily put together an un-fussy and really cute outfit all by herself… and this makes her really proud… which makes me really proud!  She’s then all set to go for the day and without the frustration of buttons, snaps, belts, clasps and too-teeny-to-do-up zippers.  Now she can just concentrate comfortably on the job at hand… which is to play.  And did I mention that its Dad proof?  No more goofy looking outfits when Dad tries to help out!  This Vancouver clothing line is amazing and if you haven’t heard about it I suggest you check it out right away. 

I invite you to have a look at the hair clips!

I have to let you in on this little secret and my latest obsession…  Pinterest.  It’s amazing and I could easily spend hours on they’re looking at all the beautiful and inspiring photos, perhaps this is why I don’t get around to doing more blog posts.  haha.

Pinterest is the place to go for everything inspiring: food, photography, interior design, kids crafts, fashion etc etc.  It’s basically a bulletin board where you can pin photos of all your favorite things, and you can also follow other people’s boards to see what they are liking.  It’s a lot of fun… if you are looking to kill some time.   Definitely check it out… www.pinterest.com.  And feel free to follow my pins here.  Here’s a few pics from the site…  Happy Pinning!

Brand new item in my Etsy shop!  So excited to bring to you this design that I have been dreaming of for a few months now.  It took some time to find the right jingle bells, the right size, the right color etc etc as well as finding a fun little charm to go with the bell.  And alas… after many hours of searching I have found just the right supplies and am happy to bring to you my new jingle bell charm necklaces. 

Lily was my inspiration for this design (of course!).  I had gotten tired of always seeing the same kind of silver jewelry for her in the marketplace, I wanted something a bit more modern, a bit more colorful, a bit more fun… just ike her. 

So have a peek at the shop and feel free provide your feedback.  What kind of little girl necklace’s would you like to see? 



Here’s a quick little post for you about a great find:  If you haven’t already heard of the Made by Joel blog then you must head over there right now… well maybe after you read this post.  This uber-creative man comes up with the most incredible and simple ideas for entertaining your children.  Amazing!  I have made a bunch of his items before but this one in particular was super super easy and the kids love it.  So I thought I would share it with you. 

All you need is an empty cereal box, tape, a few marbles and a free 10 minutes.  Enjoy!   Read the full post here